About Us

Veteran Business Guide, LLC’s co-founder Chris Van Meter knows veterans well because he is one himself. A native of Marietta, GA and the son of a United States Air Force Reservist, Chris joined the USAF at the beginning of Desert Storm in 1991. He served as a Security Police Officer, gaining a worldwide education via military assignments in South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the military, Chris joined Atlanta’s Fulton County Police Department, where he proudly wore a blue uniform for 10 years before an unexpected event changed the course of his life. In 2010, Chris was cast as a police officer in the pilot episode of the hit TV series The Walking Dead. This launched his acting career in the TV/film production industry, just as it was beginning to boom in Atlanta.

As with most actors, Chris needed a side job to fill the time between acting on film sets, so in 2015 he started his own pressure washing business, Your Pressure Washer, LLC. While working as a pressure washer, he found that many of his clients revealed they had hired him because he was a veteran, and that they wished they knew how to find more veteran-owned businesses in the area.

So in July 2016, Chris and his longtime friend David Chism, who is a Navy Veteran himself, formed Veteran Business Guide, LLC for the express purpose of bringing veteran-owned businesses into the homes of people looking to honor those who have served. Chris looks forward eagerly to connecting customers with veterans, so that all will thrive.


David Chism is a native of Marietta, GA, and a veteran of the US Navy.  He joined the Navy in June of 1991 and went to boot camp in Orlando, FL.  After boot camp, he attended Hull Technician (HT) “A” school in Philadelphia, PA.  After school, he was assigned to the USS Holland, a sub tender stationed at the Weapons Station, Charleston, SC.  David was then awarded a “C” school to become a certified welder and attended “C” school in Norfolk, VA.  After becoming a certified welder, David was stationed on the USS Sierra, also in Charleston, SC.  After the USS Sierra decommissioned in 1993, he was re-assigned to the USS John F. Kennedy in the Philadelphia Naval Base dry dock.  In 1995, David was honorably discharged from the US Navy.

After leaving the Navy, David moved back to Marietta, GA, with his wife, Darby, and daughter, Rebecca, where he put his skills learned while in the military to a good use.  He took a job working at a sheet metal components manufacturer and quickly moved from the shop floor to the position of estimator in eight months.  In 1999, the company went out of business and David was hired at the parent company where he worked until September, 2001.  All of this time, he used his G.I. Bill benefits to go back to school for his college degree.

In November, 2001, David applied to work at a computer software company where he was hired as a technical support representative.  Within 18 months, he worked his way up to team lead and, in another year, to manager.  In 2003, a big year, David and his wife had their son (Wyatt), he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management of Technology, and was also promoted to Senior Manager over two support teams.  In 2008, David was promoted to Chief Technical Solutions Manager and then served as Director of Technical Support for 8 months in 2014 until the company re-organized.  David recently completed his MBA with a specialization in Project Management.